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With Super Ad Tracker Website Rotator you can promote all your websites and referral URLs from one simple URL. Its simple, every time someone visits your Your Rotator URL they will be directed to one of your websites. When they come back they will see a different website! And unlike other rotators, we do not limit the amount of URLs that you can rotate.

Pro Membership Benefits - ONLY $4.95/mo.
• Unlimited Rotators
• Unlimited URL's per Rotator
• Add/Edit/Delete URL's
• Limit the hits for any URL in rotator
• Pause/Activate any URL in rotator
• IP and Date time detailed stats for all the hits for last 7 days
• Earn $10.00 for each active pro member you refer.
• Sponsored Ads Removed.

• Get Random Referrals.

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New Pro Members Get 1 Free Banner with 10,000 Impressions

When you upgrade to Pro for only $4.95/mo., we'll give you 1 Top Banner
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After you upgrade to Pro, click on Advertise, submit your Banner Ad
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We no longer allow "Free Members" due to SPAM ABUSE. If you upgraded on one of my sites that offers a free Pro Upgrade as a Bonus, please submit a Support Ticket HERE with your First & Last Name, and Contact Email Address. We will manually set up your Bonus Account with a temporary password you will be able to change after you login.

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